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Ÿ Department Introduction

[Policy Statement]

We conduct activities to share wisdom on the field of security with people from all over the world.

Please feel free to contact us at global*jssm.net  (Please change g*h to g@h)

[Action Plan FY2010]

1. Improve pages for the Department of Foreign Contacts in the JSSM website.

2. Arrange an  English track with 6 sessions in the JSSM 24th National Convention.

3. Organize a presentation seminar by people from outside Japan and/or with international findings if  given the chance.

4. Translate English research papers or articles to publish in JSSM journals.

Ÿ  Member Introduction

[Akitomo Yamamoto, Chief Director]

In 1985, I joined the world of information security, and became a member of JSSM in 1986. The first words I encountered were "security: a management issue." This meaning is such as; even excellent techniques alone cannot realize information security as it depends on people who operate them in organizations.  

[Kunio Okayasu, Vice Director]

Let me try. If my memory serves me right, last time I introduced myself was may be five years ago. That was one hour presentation in Phoenix, Arizona and my talk sailed out smoothly with a couple of jokes. But the very first time I did was Corvallis, Oregon in 1970. I introduced myself and defended the right of Palestine people on the west bank. When I finished my speech, a lady came up to me and asked for a copy of my speech draft. I gave it to her and she thanked me for that. My first encounter with the Middle East on the Pacific North West.

[Masahiro Kimura]

In my early twenties, have started my career in the US Corporation. It was 1967, when was also the time that matters gsecurityh as really mandatory issues. The years of 1960fs were the age of gStrong USAh and everything was valuable for me to learn for my very basics in this industry. The word gUS Standardh did mean mostly same as gGlobal Standardh. Therefore, have learned gSecurityh as global standard specification.

Expanded my business territories to the area other than US since 1991, had started my career as consultancy services. The cultural and conceptual differences were yielding to my business at the starting. Especially, cultural differences were big issues and also the area of difficulties too.

Coming back to the future such as 2010 or later, the word, gSecurityh may become far more popular and valuable in the every business segment. It is said gThe lost decadeh on the economicsf side. On the other hand, gSecurityh might have called as gThe gaining decadeh. Those will also the chances of mine for another quarter century of business years.

[Sumio Hashimoto]

I am a member unworthy of this Department, not being good at English. Last year I retired from the Fuji Film Group for which I spent half of my life. Now I am looking for a@new jobs. Please do offer me job information.

I used to work on security management department including overseas group companies. I am a member/organizer of two study groups:  gAdvanced Technology/Information Crime and Security" and "IT Governance". Belonging to various standardization research groups, I perform some international activities. You can find me in "Facebook", "Twitter(MrJunnama)", glinkedinh,  gorkuth,  ghi5h  and  gmixih.

 [Jun-ichi Uchida]

Born in Nagasaki in 1956 and educated in Japan and US majoring in criminology and Master of Management Science respectively, I have been working for SECOM Co., Ltd. since 1980. I have various work experiences in such areas as static security guard, alarm security, control center, CCTV installation, and healthcare. In the UK, for 3 years, I and my colleagues installed CCTVs for London Tube. I have lived in 12 different places, but now reside in Yokohama.
As Ifm interested in Risk Management, Crime prevention, Contingency plans, and Internal Controls for preventing inside jobs are my recent main concerns.

[Tatsuo Asai]

Tatsuo Asai, Dr. Eng., is a professor of Nagaoka University of Technology. He used to work for IBM Japan and Panasonic. He is an expert and conciliation commissioner of Niigata District Court as well as a mediator of Niigata Labor Bureau. He is an Information Systems Consultant authorized by Japan Users Association of Information Systems, an Executive Director of Japan Association for Management Systems and an Executive Director of Japan Society of Security Management. He is in the field of information security management, universal design and their relations with corporate management.

[Nozomu Haraoka]

Participation in outsourcing team gave me an interest in security. Now I study national ID, authentication method and password mnemonic system.



Left:hFriendly atmosphere at the 2nd department meeting: from left, Mr.Yamamoto, Mr.Hashimoto, Mr.Oakayasuh  Right:hMr.Kimura, Mr.Asaih