JSSM has been organized since 1986. It is in fact, only one academic organization that explicitly includes the word “Security” in its title. The purpose of this organization, when established, is to contribute social activities that are generally relevant to any IT and network system security. The approaches are taken mainly from managerial point of view in the area of risk controlling methodology.

Department for Foreign Contacts:
The role of Department for Foreign Contacts is to handle all issues that are relevant to oversea and foreign areas. For that purpose, JSSM prepared this page for any of individuals and group of people in worldwide basis. To consolidate the role, official language of this page is currently written in English for generalizing contents.

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Members, Board and Study Groups:
Currently, it is bearing over 400 registered members and 50 corporate members with following categories.

  • Regular member
  • Student member
  • Honorable member
  • Corporate & Institutional member

Board of Directors has responsibility to finalize the JSSM’s direction and strategies. There are several operational departments under this board including this department. The head of those departments are generally a director of the board too.

All members can attend any study groups or sub-study groups. Each study group has own specialized or dedicated studying topics that are any of security related issues.

Members from oversea:
We, currently have no international member registered in JSSM. In case you or your organization have any interests being member of JSSM, kindly contact with us as mentioned above. Would like to welcome such exciting opportunities.